Wang’s Palace-On the road to Cali!

August 8th, 2007

719 W. Hobson Way, Blythe CA


Open 7 days a week, M-F 11-9pm; S-S 3-9pm

Yes, it says Blythe! The halfway stop between those long, arduous drives from here to California.

Well guess what? The adventurous spirit was in me as we pulled off the highway for gas and a break. What was it I saw down at the end of Lovekin Road? Is that a Starbuck drive-thru sign circling? You betcha, awesome. And not wanting to settle for McDonald’s, we drove around the adjacent parking lot, and spotted a sign declaring, “Thai and Chinese” food. Why not? We’d eaten everything else but, on our vacation. Well, we weren’t disappointed, actually very pleased. I thought we were discovering a new restaurant but actually, it has been here for over eight years. The chef/owner knew what she was doing, and my friends actually stated it was the best fried rice they had ever eaten! Nice menu and extremely reasonable combo plates. Chilly beers to accompany. The curried chicken was delicious as was the sweet and sour chicken-the two six years olds with us gobbled it up! I will no longer dread that drive, if it includes a stop at Wang’s!

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