May 8th, 2010


Renowned restaurateur Cesare Casella and me!

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

May 7th, 2010

283 Amsterdam Ave.

New York, NY 10023


or in Italy:

Str. Farini, 27

43121 Parma, Italy




Known for Chef Cesare Casella’s  imported Italian salami and cheeses, homemade pasta’s and more, this deli/restaurant was a reminder of a true taste of Italy.  Wanting to try what they are best known for, I ordered a sampler plate of cheese and one of salami.  Each bite was extremely satisfying as it melted in my mouth and offered me a diverse round of flavors that only made me regret I didn’t have a bigger stomach and more time to camp out here to eat my way through the menu. I was able however to meet Cesare and buy a copy of his cookbook “True Tuscan” to take home.

Di Palo’s (Italian Grocery)

May 7th, 2010

Since 1925

200 Grand Street

New York, NY 10013


It dawned on me to google Slow Food New York just before I left, in case there was someplace I missed in my research of where to eat-as if I could possibly scratch the surface of the amazing restaurants I already had to try. But it was a good idea anyway and once again I was fortunate to come across Di Palo’s  on our way through Chinatown and Little Italy. Again, unfortunately I wasn’t going straight home with a huge chunk of homemade mozzarella which they are famous for, as well as any other groceries that drew long lines of people all waiting patiently for what was sure to please.

momofuko milk bar

May 7th, 2010

15 W. 56th St.

New York, NY

It’s just like the big city of New York, that you can eat and eat all week and just when it’s time to go home, you realize that all this time you have been staying two doors down from Nobu and didn’t even know it. Even more surprising is that Nobu faces 57th Street, but at the rear of the restaurant, facing 56th Street is a good use of space called momofuko where he has created a dessert bar with an array of  cookies, pies, breads, and particularly a soft serve ice cream taunting  flavors like “salty pistachio caramel”-just think of it.

Stone Rose

May 7th, 2010

10 Columbus Circle

New York, NY 10019


Well, since Per Se wasn’t an option, we settled with a visit (upon Thomas Keller’s suggestion) to Stone Rose, his lounge  just down the way from Per Se, for an appetizer and glass of champagne before dinner. Just look at this beautiful bite of brie, with carmelized pear, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with pepper-how is that for a mouthful of diverse flavors!IMG_1827

La Maison du Chocolate-Paris

May 7th, 2010

1018 Madison Ave.

New York, NY 10075


So this is a taste of the upper east side. OMG! On a drizzly day after visiting the Frick Museum, we were drawn in for some chocolate. Originally from Paris, France this had to be the  most delicious creamy fine tasting chocolate I have ever had.

Levain Bakery

May 7th, 2010


167 W. 74th St.

New York, NY 10023


You know someone is looking out for you when you stumble upon one of your places to try without your list in hand. Wanting a bite of dessert after lunch on the upper west side one day, I asked for a suggestion and was led around the corner to this delightful cookie bakery. Stepping downstairs to a somewhat hidden little bakery, it obviously has a loud voice as it was packed and the line climbed up and out the door. Those delicious few cookie choices at $4 a pop, we couldn’t even finish one between us it was so sweet and tasty. Warm, right out of the oven it’s popularity is understandable.

Chin Chin

May 7th, 2010

216 E. 49th St.

New York, NY


My best foodie friend once encouraged me that the reason I probably didn’t like Chinese food anymore was because I wasn’t eating the good stuff. So, on this trip to New York, I was really looking forward to having some fresh, authentic Chinese food.  I found this place recommended by the NY Times just before we left so I added it to the list and planned to eat our last dinner here.  Let me just say I was only disappointed that we didn’t have time to come back for another meal before we left.  The food here was so delicious, and it was apparent by the obviously regular guests that surrounded us that we weren’t alone with our thoughts. IMG_1934


May 7th, 2010

355 W. 14th St. @ 9th Ave.

New York, NY10014


IMG_1882IMG_1885 (more…)

Porter House

May 7th, 2010

10 Columbus Circle

Fourth Floor

New York, NY 10019


Anthoney Bourdain shed light recently on the quality of the meat served in this fine dining restaurant overlooking Central Park. We discovered he sure knows what he is talking about-surprise, surprise! Not only was the filet mignon and lobster to die for, but every nuance of this place left us giddy with pleasure and excitement, from the bread, salad, wine to dessert. We just had to call home to share our joy from this perch-our kids thought we must have had alot to drink, but no, it was shear joy! This meal marked the end of our favorite day of the trip. From fine art to french chocolate, strolling though the park to here. What a day! The waiter informed us Anthoney took a long nap at the end of taping the shows segment, and so did we-we just waited til after we got back to our apartment!

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