Steve’s Espresso

October 15th, 2009

S.E. Corner Baseline & McClintock, Tempe AZ


I kept an article about Steve’s for about two years before I recently had a chance to scout it out and actually try a cup of coffee! It is known for owning one of six espresso machines that were sold to coffee companies before Starbucks grabbed up the rights to them, which I’m sure has something to do with their success.  Well, a little help with marketing is all Steve needs. I had driven by those crossroads many times over the past two years, glancing to my right where I thought the shop was and never noticed it. Recently, I pulled into the parking lot and determined to see if it was actually still there, somewhere, or not! It was. But it faces McClintock behind the FastGas station. Little signage. Just a humble little wi-fi coffee shop, with some made from scratch breakfast items and bakery goods, and a GREAT cup of coffee made from fresh, locally roasted beans. So good in fact, I returned the same day for a second cup, and can’t wait go back.

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