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Foodie Kim (Kim Orlowski) has enjoyed 32 years in the kitchen serving up tantalizing gourmet creations. She is masterful at incorporating in-season produce and quality ingredients while preparing unique, one-of-a-kind dishes.  She has received cooking instruction from Barbara Fenzl at Les Gourmettes Cooking School, and Nick Malgieri, former Executive Pastry Chef at Windows on the World.  She has appeared in live-demos with Chef Alton Brown and Chef Rocco DiSpirato of Food Network fame.  Foodie Kim also appeared on Good Morning Arizona where she demonstrated how to make her tasty Caribbean Cole Slaw.

Foodie Kim is an editor of Edible Phoenix Magazine and the inspiration behind her FoodieKim.Com website.  “Discover Fresh Dining at Home and Away” while utilizing her cooking skills, restaurant recommendations for many cities, recipes and articles.

As with all her catering and hospitality events, she has a passion for the place food has in drawing loved ones together to celebrate the wonder and cheer of family and friendship.  She cherishes that special moment when the table is dressed, the food is served, glasses are raised, and those endearing words are spoken, “Bon appétit!”

A Foodie’s Philosophy

I lounged in my terry-cloth robe feeling pampered at a luxury spa in Scottsdale. My daughter, Lauren, and I had worked out, had a massage, and simmered in the jacuzzi. Our appetites came to life when we were offered menus poolside. As I began scanning the offerings, I remarked, “Nothing is really jumping off the plate at me!” Then we chose a selection of small dips served with pita bread so we could sample their fare. Then the real dining began. As my daughter and I sampled the finger food, savoring each bite, not only for the flavor, but for this special moment we were sharing together. You see, it is not only the substance that matters, but the spirit of the moment, we will both remember forever.

I love adventures in dining where I encounter creativity and passion in food. It is always my hope to experience a dish that I cannot make at home. For years now, I have followed food channel personalities, and have marveled at the ease in their preparation and creation of sauces, and in the elegance of their presentation. I have visited as many restaurants as I could afford to gain ideas for preparing food in my own home for my large and growing family. In all of it, I have come to see myself as a Foodie.

I love that our dining experiences serve to enhance an atmosphere of intimacy that brings our hearts together. The very essence of fine dining is the total experience imagined by the preparer, offered in love to others sitting around the table.

Food connects us. It brings us to look eye to eye and bridges our communication.  Food does far more than meet our nutritional needs, it feeds our hearts. Setting the table is not only about putting out the silverware and best dishes, it is the way in which we grace our intimate moments together. It says that family matters. Sharing heart to heart over food is an indispensable bonding tool.

Studies show that children in families that dine together see improved self esteem in school. These same families that sit together before food tend to lead healthier lifestyles, often avoiding destructive behavior that can pull people away from one another.

The dinner table is arguably the family’s greatest treasure, where loved ones reflect on the day, and dream about what tomorrow may bring. Foodies see more than the priority of organic versus chemical, or natural versus processed. They see more than LeCruseut versus Farberware, and they see beyond the talents of  Ina, Tyler, Alton or Bourdain.

Foodies see the table in terms of relationship. They see the shared communion of loved ones, with its heart-to-heart moments being the true joy of the dining experience.  Foodies see elegant cuisines, tasty sauces and creative presentations as a means to an end; the end of which is love.

Lauren and I may not remember the meal we shared at the spa, but we will remember sharing a meal. We will not soon forget being eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart. This Foodie believes that dining together only begins with a love for fresh, healthy food, inspiration for preparation, and a joy for serving and savoring each bite.  It ends with that intangible appreciation that we see in each others eyes.

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